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Very alright with a few things right now. Very unsure of others.

— 6 months ago

My life has been pretty weird lately. I moved in with my friends Heather, Steven, and Emily about two-ish months ago. I couldn’t ask for better roommates. My room is cozy and the neighborhood has become my family. My love life is a joke like all things usually are for me but I’m copping alright I suppose. I’ll be 21 in a few months. That freaks me out. I don’t ever want to be 21. It has such a weird stigma attached and I feel like once I’m old enough to buy a beer I have to be old enough to make my bills on time and eat more then just Top Ramen- I’m not ready for that I don’t think. I got rid of my car. I ride a bike now. Yeah, that’s what I’ve amounted to. I don’t mind it because I need to exercise but it kinda blows when it’s snowing. I only work a mile from my house and everyone else rides so it’s not too shabby. I find myself in the same mess I’m always in but each time it feels so different. I still think about Brandon which hurts but I’ve learned to understand what happened and what I can be and do to make sure I never make someone feel so terrible that they feel the need to leave me while I sleep and never look back. My relationship with my dad is a joke but when has it ever not been? I miss my sister but at some point I just realized that I can’t let him hold any power over me. We just need to all live our own separate lives. If I ever have kids I don’t want to make them feel like I only care about them so I can look at myself with dignity. That’s not a parent. That’s not even a friend. I am a mess but I hope that as time passes it will stop being strange to exist in such a whirlwind of chaos. I’m not sure what I want. I don’t even know who looks at this blog but if you’ve gotten this far, I apologize.

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make or break

— 6 months ago


— 6 months ago

sea otters hold hands while they sleep.

— 6 months ago
tonight rad is having a winter formal so i am all fancied up with like ten million layers of eye makeup idk what to do i cant touch my face.

tonight rad is having a winter formal so i am all fancied up with like ten million layers of eye makeup idk what to do i cant touch my face.

— 7 months ago

What in the living fuck

— 7 months ago

florida was fun. i moved into a house. i have my own room. it’s cool/

— 7 months ago

Last night Elijah was like, “let’s go to Atlanta in a few weeks” so I was like, “ok” and so I bought some Megabus tickets and now we’re going Febuary 3rd-6th. ~ok~

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Some resolutions for 2014.

1. Don’t die on my 21st birthday.
2. Move away.
3. Pay off my car.
4. Read more.
5. Take at least ONE college class. FINISH THAT DEGREE.
6. Get a job with a salary.
7. Become the king of this place.
8. Know better.
9. Write short stories.
10. Shower more.
11. Sleep more.
12. Meet Dave Eggers.

— 8 months ago