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A blog which belongs to a girl who thinks you have bad taste in music and movies.

About me? Yeah okay.

Uh, well I live in Plaza Midwood. Could have been, should have been philosophy major. 20 years old. Not too funny or good at art. I take pictures but they’re shitty most of the time. I’m hateful but I love a lot of things. If I were a toddler I would say I’m okay at dressing myself. I have too many clothes. My room is never clean. Chances are I want to photograph you. I stay up late but I’m trying to fix that. I like jazz music and to pretend I’m punk and that’s about it. My old car only played cassette tapes but now I just ride a basket bike soooo. I like tye dye shirts. I hate to shower but I do it anyways. I stole a stop sign once. I love cotton candy. I have a job but no money. Once I went to Nashville for 7 days for absolutely no reason. That was cool.

I suck. THANKS.

— 3 years ago
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